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We provide excellent residential and commercial management services to residents and owners

PDF Estates Ltd was established by Peter Beisty and Darren Fields to meet the specific needs of both landlords and tenants in the UK. Both are extremely proud to deliver to the industry, an affordable, reliable and trustworthy property management service. They pride themselves on providing a transparent service, with no hidden fees or charges, whilst ensuring that all properties feel like a proper home for their tenants. Testament to their success is their portfolio of happy and long-term tenants. Their longest serving tenant has been with them for 18 years and continues to enjoy the services and the property that they offer.

It isn’t just tenants that enjoy their attention to detail either. With almost 50 years’ family experience in the real estate and construction industry, they fully recognise and understand the various difficulties often faced by landlords, and have established services that aim to combat these problems.

By ensuring both parties are happy, PDF Estates fosters long-term and mutually-beneficial relationships between landlords, tenants, and suppliers. They believe that this helps ensure that tenants pay their rent on time, whilst maintaining their homes, that they rent, are kept in the best possible condition.

Peter has nearly 27 years’ experience in developing and managing his own property portfolio and remains as focused in delivering a prompt, reliable, and friendly service, as he ever has been. Having started out as a Quantity Surveyor, Peter moved on to become a “time-served” carpenter and used the skills he gained, and the tutelage of his parents, to purchase his first property at the age of 19.

Peter rented the property out to individual tenants who were sourced from LOOT, the classified newspaper. Peter then went into partnership with his brother and Dad; buying, renovating, and selling property for profit. Since then, he has continued to grow and establish a profitable property rental portfolio. Peter sees himself as a service provider, rather than a money-driven landlord, hence the wonderful relationships he has established with so many long-serving tenants.

Darren has 20 years’ experience in Financial Services and a further 12 years’ experience in the UK and overseas’ property markets. He successfully headed up the largest dual property legal case in Thailand history on behalf of 63 UK property investors, helping them recoup significant funds that would have otherwise been forfeited. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that clients are fully satisfied and is determined to ensure that all parties always enjoy a fair and dependable service. He is affectionately enthusiastic and passionate about what he does, and is an extremely persistent character when he needs to be. His work ethics, ethos, and experience, will help ensure that you get the very best deal and service when you employ PDF Estates services to work on your behalf.

Darren was awarded the Propertymark Qualifications NFOPP QCF Level 3 Technical Award in Residential Letting and Property Management highlighting his dedication to quality and high standards in property management and lettings.

PDF Estates are that confident that you will benefit greatly from entrusting them with your property portfolio, regardless of size. As such, all new landlords who sign up to PDF Estates’ full property management service, will receive free marketing of their properties online and free tenant sourcing. Also, there are no contractual lock-ins so landlords can simply move their property portfolio away from PDF Estates in the future, if they so wish. This is something PDF Estates prides itself on as a result of the all round value it actually brings to its client landlords. PDF Estates are confident that you will continue to want to use their honest, straight-forward, and reliable service for many years to come and further introduce fellow landlords and/or new property investors to their company.

Landlords who sign up to our Full Property Management Service will receive FREE Marketing of their Properties and FREE Tenant Sourcing with No Contractual Lock-Ins. 

One factor that PDF Estates feels very strongly about is that of pricing. Even before the government started their proposed clamp down on hidden and additional charges within the real estate rental market, they provided transparent and affordable pricing for all their high-quality services.

It was with all of the above in mind that Peter and Darren established PDF Estates Ltd, and they both feel strongly that not only should landlords receive an unbeatable service, but tenants should always be happy in the properties that they call home.

Trust in their experience and dedication to ensure that you enjoy one of the best property management services available in the real estate industry.

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