Residential block management includes services like common area cleaning and management, property maintenance services, and even accounting and finance. PDF Estates are experienced landlords, which means that we have first-hand experience of exactly what is required. We reduce your workload, rather than add to it, and because we provide a holistic service it means that you can sit back and watch as ground rent, service charges, and rental income rolls into your account.

By incorporating residential block management into our property management services, you can provide clean and tidy communal areas, ensure that your tenant’s welfare is catered for, and ensure that you receive income on time while managing your accounts and payments. Contact us today to discuss your residential property management requirements and we can take over the administration of your property portfolio.

What Is Block Management?

Block management is the management of residential blocks of flats or blocks of accommodation. It typically refers to the management of communal areas, including both internal and external communal areas. Management incorporates administrative management, dealing with tenants and their queries and complaints, and also ensuring that regulatory requirements are met.

PDF Estates welcomes Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and North London block management clients. We can tailor the exact services that we offer according to the specific needs of individual landlords and even individual properties.

Ground Services

Gardens, pathways, and other external areas, are often considered communal areas. No single tenant is responsible for the maintenance of these areas, although it may be written into tenancy agreements that they are responsible for the general maintenance. Ground services can include gardening, path maintenance, and making repairs to borders like walls and fences. Essentially, if any work needs to be done outside the property, then this may be considered part of the ground rent services and your tenants will expect a good quality service as part of estate management services.

If you charge a ground rent, or incorporate ground rent fees in your rental payments, then tenants will expect to see maintenance and updates as part of the service they pay for. Maintenance is also important because it can prevent minor damage becoming a major problem. What’s more, if pathways are poorly maintained and a tenant or visitor suffers an injury as a direct result of this poor maintenance, they could take legal action.

PDF Estates offers property block management that incorporates ground maintenance services. We can negotiate with gardeners, contractors, and other professionals to get the best deals. We can arrange regular visits from these professionals and ensure that any reports of damage or required work are answered and resolved quickly.

Common Areas

Internal communal areas also need to be maintained and cared for. Hallways, entry ways, and even kitchens and bathrooms that are shared by multiple tenants need to be maintained and managed. Estate management services include routine maintenance, regular cleaning, and emergency repairs.

Houses of Multiple Occupancy, or HMOs, typically have a lot of communal areas that need maintenance. Regular cleaning not only enables you to ensure that these areas are kept safe and in good condition, but it enables you or your property management company to check on the premises at the same time.

If communal areas are left unattended, disputes and arguments can arise between tenants. Not only does this mean that these areas will be left uncleaned but it can lead to unhappy tenants leaving premises sooner or even refusing to pay.

The maintenance of fittings and equipment like washing machines, heating, and the plumbing is also important. Poorly maintained equipment can become damaged, leaving you with considerably larger repair bills, and may lead to injury to tenants or damage to their property; both of which could mean that you are forced to pay compensation.

Property Management Services

Block property management is essentially a form of property management but is most commonly associated with properties like blocks of flats or communities where a single landlord owns multiple properties. These types of real estate investment do require a lot of additional management. If you have a single property with five separate sets of tenants, it not only means that you have five times the tenancy management work, but it also means that you have to maintain communal areas, including kitchens, shared living space, gardens, and entry and exits.


Maintaining a property serves a number of purposes. Regular maintenance means major repairs are less likely, saving you money in the long term. It also enables you to ensure the ongoing welfare of your tenants, and potentially avoid damage to property or injuries to your tenants and visitors. Regular maintenance also means that the property will continue to look at its best, minimise the need for repairs, and enable you to show the property at its best to potential tenants.

Accounting And Finance

Maintenance, repairs, and other block management services all cost money. At PDF Estates not only will we negotiate with reputable contractors to ensure that you get the services you require, but we work to your budgetary requirements. We get you the best deals, can deal with invoices and payments, and provide you with itemised and ongoing accounts for all of your properties that are part of our portfolio.

Estate Management From PDF Estates

Why not take advantage of the holistic approach that PDF Estates adopts in sourcing property; managing tenants and the collection of all rents; and boasting excellent negotiation and management skills with contractors, helping maintain properties under their management. We will also manage accounts and provide you with ongoing updates, saving you invaluable time and cost in the everyday running of your business activities. Contact us today to discuss your block management and estate management requirements and to see how we can help manage your property portfolio.