PDF Estates is a property management service run by landlords for landlords. We provide a holistic and full range of services that include everything from property sourcing to estate management. We also provide landlord services such as a tenant find service, rent collection, and more. We can prepare your property, source a particular property for you, market it to find suitable tenants, and we can deal with the ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs that crop up during the period of the tenancy.

Tenant Find Services

  • Property Preparation – Let us deal with contractors, ensuring that the property is thoroughly cleaned and that you have any furniture and furnishings that you need. We will conduct a market valuation to determine a fair and competitive rental price, and help you determine the most likely types of tenant looking for the property you offer.
  • Marketing – Once a property is prepared and ready to be marketed, we take photos and gather information. We will write up any marketing materials, and take advantage of tenant find services and a network of potential tenants to find suitable tenants for your property. Marketing a property well means a greater number of potential tenants, and it enhances the chances of finding a suitable tenant for every property.
  • Viewing – If the marketing is done well, you will have a large selection of potential tenants that are interested in your property. All these potential tenants will want to view the property, and we can arrange suitable viewing times, show tenants around, and answer any questions or queries that interested tenants have. You save time, and we help ensure that you have the best chance of landing suitable tenants.
  • Landlord Referencing Services – Landlord tenant screening services are essential to the tenant find service. We can conduct thorough and legal credit checks and landlord reference checks. Conducting thorough referencing checks increases your chances of finding reliable tenants that pay on time every time, but checking the references and running credit checks on multiple tenants is time consuming. Using PDF Estates landlord services you can benefit from these checks without having to dedicate the time to completing them.
  • Tenancy Agreements – Once suitable tenants have been found, you need to have a watertight tenancy agreement in place between the tenant and the landlord. This agreement not only protects the tenant, but it also protects you, and it outlines procedures and processes that need to be followed should anything go wrong.

Rent Collection Service

Our rent collection services ensure that you receive rental income on time every month. We will collect rent, deduct any fees, and forward the remaining income to you. As well as collecting regular rent payments, we also deal with all aspects of rent management such as monitoring payments, issuing statements, and informing you if any of your tenants fall behind with their payments. Among the rent collection services that we offer are the following:

  • Rent Collection –Regular rent collection means that you can ensure a positive cash flow and, at PDF Estates, we understand how important it is that rent comes in on time, every time. We will collect rent from tenants on an agreed date and we will promptly forward payments to your bank account after deducting our management fees.
  • Rent Management – Our professional landlord services enable us to collect your deposit and store it in a secure deposit scheme. We can arrange inspections before and after a tenancy agreement in order to determine the amount of deposit that should be repaid, and we will collect rent monthly, monitor payments from tenants, and inform you if any of your tenants fall behind with their payments. We can also produce and provide statements to tenants, and to you, highlighting itemised payments and collections.

Full Management Service

From landlord cleaning services to tenancy termination, the full management service encompasses all landlord services so that you can take a completely hands-off approach to property management. Run your own buy-to-let portfolio without having to deal with any of the daily, ongoing, or unexpected tenant requirements.

  • Property Checklists – A property checklist should be completed before every tenancy. This checklist marks and documents the condition of the property, and is used especially on tenancy termination to determine whether any damage beyond expected wear and tear has occurred. It can also be used if there is a dispute with the tenant if they claim that damages have occurred as a result of landlord negligence. PDF Estates can complete property checklists before and after a tenancy agreement to help protect you and your premises and property.
  • Deposit Management – Landlords are legally required to place deposits in an approved deposit protection scheme. The money is held in this scheme until the tenancy is terminated; at this point, both parties are required to agree on an amount that is repayable by the landlord to the tenant. Deposit management is one of our landlord services, and it can help ensure that you meet legal regulations while also protecting the money in question.
  • Property Checks – We can conduct property checks every six months, in line with the terms of your tenancy agreement. These checks allow you to monitor the condition of your property. It is possible to identify any damage that has been caused by the tenant before the end of the tenancy agreement, and it also allows you to ensure that tenants are meeting the conditions of their tenancy.
  • Landlord Maintenance Services – Landlord maintenance services include ongoing cleaning, grounds maintenance, and checks such as gas and electrical equipment checks. This is another area where landlords must meet legal requirements, and using our landlord services, you can protect yourself legally while ensuring the welfare of your tenants and any visitors.
  • Tenancy Terminations – We will contact you with plenty of time before the end of a tenancy agreement. Initially, we will determine your intentions with the property; for example, whether you want to extend the agreement with the existing tenant or you want new tenants. We can arrange for any property and inventory checks and we can deal with the return of any deposits that are due.

Landlord Services From PDF Estates

PDF Estates is an estate management company that provides full landlord management services. We can manage and maintain your property investment portfolio. We can deal with all aspects of managing properties so we will find a tenant, arrange checks, and deal with rent collection. We will prepare your property for market, ensure that tenants are paying a reasonable rate, and we will even deal with tenancy termination.