PDF Estates offers full property management services for landlords and investors. We can offer everything from property sourcing to arranging ongoing safety checks, and our service can be customised to meet your specific requirements. Whether you want a completely hands-off approach, or you still want to be involved in some of the management, using PDF Estates leaves you free to concentrate on other aspects of managing your real estate portfolio or enables you to make a more passive income from your property portfolio.

Using a property management company is ideal for first time investors, for those that are building and diversifying a property portfolio, or for experienced investors with substantial real estate holdings. Minimise tenant void, reduce the effort required to find tenants, and ensure that your rental income comes in on time every month. You can also ensure that ongoing safety checks are carried out when required, and property inventories can be used to carefully manage deposits.

Property Management Services

Landlords who sign up to our Full Property Management Service will receive FREE Marketing of their Properties and FREE Tenant Sourcing with No Contractual Lock-Ins. 

Letting Only

Fixed management fee of 6% of the annual rental achieved.

Let PDF Estates deal with all aspects of letting your property out. We will conduct a property valuation, which is used to determine likely and possible rental values. This figure is based on similar properties in the same area, and compared to the quality of your property. It is important that this figure is correct. Too low means that you are missing out on potential rental yield, while too high a figure means that you are likely to find it difficult to fill the property with tenants.

We will also market your property, take photos to accompany the marketing material that we write up, and we will source potential tenants. Once potential tenants have been found, our property management service means that we will accompany tenants to the property, show them around, and help ensure that you get suitable tenants in your property. To further ensure that you get good quality tenants, we will conduct the necessary credit and reference checks before delivering legal documents and getting them signed by the tenant. Furthermore, we will collect the deposit and the first month’s rent as part of the letting only property management service.

Letting And Rent Collection

7% of annual rental income, charged monthly.

Letting and rent collection includes all of the same services as letting only, but we also deal with the regular collection of rent money due from tenants. This means that we will collect the rent from all tenants on a monthly basis.

A lot of landlords, especially first-time landlords, are put off by the prospect of having to collect rent from their tenants, especially when rent payments are late. As experienced landlords, we have dealt with rent collection for years, and we can help ensure timely payment while ensuring a positive relationship is maintained with tenants.

Full Management

8% of annual rental income, charged monthly.

Landlords who sign up to our Full Property Management Service will receive FREE Marketing of their Properties and FREE Tenant Sourcing with No Contractual Lock-Ins.

Our full property management services include everything in the letting and rent collection service plus all the day to day management associated with managing letting properties.

We will check tenants in to the property. We arrange and take meter readings, conduct half yearly property inspections to ensure that your tenants are keeping the premises in good order. We also complete final tenancy checks, comparing everything to the inventory checklist completed at the beginning of the tenancy.

As well as collecting rent and dealing with rent issues, PDF Estates will also deal with all day to day enquiries from tenants. We ensure maintenance issues are dealt with quickly and also take on the mantle of tenant disputes and any rare landlord queries that might crop up.

Additional Services

Services can be customised according to your precise needs, and can incorporate any of the following:

  • Deposit Protection
  • Property Inventories
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Ongoing Safety Checks
  • Furnishings

At PDF Estates, we protect your welfare, as well as the welfare of your tenants. We aim to keep both parties happy, because this leads to longer term tenancies with less rental void. It also means fewer disputes to resolve, and a happy tenant is more likely to pay their rent on time, every month, and keep the property in good condition.

Property Management London – PDF Estates Ltd

At PDF Estates, we are different to a lot of property management companies. Our background is not in the agency industry; we are experienced landlords, which means we have first-hand experience of your requirements. This makes us the ideal property management company to look after your interests. If you have any questions about the services that we offer, or queries about the packages above, then get in contact today and speak to somebody that understands what landlords need from a property management service.