PDF Estates are experienced property sourcing agents. As landlords ourselves, we understand what you are looking for when sourcing property. We can meet your budgetary limits, source property that matches your asset management plan, and we can help secure a competitive price. What’s more, we can evaluate the property to determine likely rental yields or resale values. If you take advantage of our full property management services, we will deal with everything from sourcing tenants to collecting rent and dealing with disputes.

Our property sourcing service is ideal for first time property investors because it enables you to take a hands-off approach and to benefit from our experience. It is also a good choice for established landlords and investors that are looking to expand their real estate portfolios because it saves time while offering accessing to the best properties and the best deals.

Property Sourcing Made Easy

Real estate investment can provide a reliable investment vehicle. Although prices do fluctuate, historical figures show that long-term property investment, in particular, returns a positive yield for investors. Between 2000 and 2014, according to Halifax house price data, a £100,000 investment would have returned 132% over this period; higher than any savings account or average shares and stock returns over the same period.

A lot of people are deterred from investing in real estate, however, because they view it as a major risk and requiring a lot of time and resources. PDF Estates specialises in sourcing property deals and full property management. We are experienced landlords, which means that we have first-hand experience finding and investing in properties. We can help you achieve the best prices on properties to make you positive returns.

First Time Investors

Our property sourcing service is especially suited to first time investors, or to landlords with minimal experience. We will thoroughly research investment areas, conduct market analysis to determine rental yields and likely investment yields. We will work with local estate agents and private sellers to find the best deals, and we will use our experience and contact list built up over the years to find you the best deal.

Portfolio Expansion

Using a property finder minimises the time and resources that you need to put into sourcing property deals. Whether you have a full time job, spend your time managing properties, or you have an extensive portfolio that means you aren’t able to dedicate time to find investments, we can do the hard work for you. Use PDF Estates for your property asset management and you can expand your portfolio with additional, high quality investments.

Property Requirements

Different investors have different requirements. Some prefer the long-term investment of rental properties, while others look for a quick return by buying and selling real estate. Some landlords invest in family properties, and some specifically look for working professionals as tenants. Area is another factor worth considering – do you prefer city centre apartments, or would you rather invest in family properties in the suburbs?

Whatever your investment requirements, our experienced property sourcing agents can meet them. We will scour the marketplace to find the area, property type, and target tenants that match your preferences and provide you with details of the properties that are on offer. We can also calculate your yields based on the research we conduct, and we can even source suitable tenants so that your rental void is as short as possible.

HMO Property Sourcing

One form of real estate investment that has increased in popularity in recent years is Houses of Multiple Occupancy. Landlords can invest in existing HMO properties, or buy houses and other properties that can be quickly converted into an HMO building. Rental yield for HMOs tends to be much higher than with single family units, and because a single building has multiple tenants, it also means that risk is spread.

Investing in an HMO property means finding the ideal property, converting it, and then dealing with multiple tenants, but the potential returns make the effort worthwhile. Using a property sourcing company and full property management service means that you can enjoy these rewards without having to deal with the additional effort.

What Is Property Sourcing?

Property Sourcing is a term used when a company is hired to find an investment property that the potential buyer would not have been able to find themselves. It is a service that is most commonly used by investors, although private individuals may also use a similar service, especially when relocating to a new region.

Why Use A Professional Property Sourcer?

PDF Estates specialises in sourcing property for investors. They offer assistance with property asset management by locating some of the best deals on suitable properties, and by negotiating property deals on behalf of the buyer. The sourcing company may have access to private sale details, and a network of property vendors and sellers, which means that they will be able to access details of deals that are not found in local real estate agents or on property websites.

For the first time investor, PDF Estates can take the worry out of property investment. Even experienced investors can benefit, by reducing the time it takes to find investment property and by combining property sourcing with full management services.

Reduce time spent on locating properties and maximise potential yields by contacting us today.

PDF Estates – Property Sourcing Agents UK

PDF Estates is a property management company that focuses on customer service, as well as acquiring the best deals with sourcing property. We are experienced landlords, not agents. This means that we know exactly what our clients are looking for, and we understand the level of service that landlords require. Contact us today, provide us with details of the type of property you want, and we can start sourcing property for your investment portfolio.